World Association for Infant Mental Health Internationale

France Group

1. Name

  • WAIMH France

2. Presidents (2 co-presidents)

  • Jacques Dayan et Denis Mellier

3. Website

  • Email:
  • Waimh France, Maison IV de Chiffre, 26 rue des Teinturiers, 84000 Avignon

4. Membership profile

Only individual members: 400 individual members, 0 institutional members, 550 address in the mailing list

5. Organizational structure and partnerships

The structure of the association Waimh francophone is composed of: An “Office”:

2 Co presidents: Jacques DAYAN, Denis MELLIER

4 Vice presidents: Claire SQUIRES, Sylvie SAVELON VIAUX

Founding president, Groupes WAIMH affiliated Europe: Bernard GOLSE

General Secretaries: Bérangère BEAUQIER-MACCOTTA

Treasurer : Emmanuel REICHMANN

Deleguates and corresponding permanent WAIMH F